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Company MTA

The joint-stock company "MTA Company", being one of the largest Russian dredging companies, is included into the rating of 150 leading building organizations of our country.

The MTA Company today equals to 20 years of successful work on the building market under the extreme climate conditions of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, strong material and resource basis, the heritage of 70-year experience of Transhydromechanization company, the leading in the district self-regulated organizations.

The MTA Company realizes the full complex of dredging operations, beginning with the sandpits researches, designing and coordinating as well as the implementation of dredging operations and finishing with the recultivation of sandpits.

We offer the collaborations in the following directions:

  • Extraction of the nonmetallic minerals with the fraction division;
  • Creation of the ground reserves in a stack;
  • Realization of the engineering operations in building roads and railways, dams, bridge crossings as well as the projects of industrial and civil building;
  • Construction of the oil and gas deposits which is the building of intratrade roads, oil drilling platforms, arrangement of such transport communications as oil-, gas- and pipelines;
  • Building of the navigable and irrigational channels, artificial water basins, moorages, as well as the dredging works;
  • Construction of the riverside barriers and the banks silting.
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