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Dredging technology

Dredging is the most effective way of the complex mechanization of excavations by developing and transportation of the huge volumes of ground.

Dredging includes a complex of mechanisms and pipelines connected in one incessant technological chain and provides continuous development, transportation and ground packing by means of water with the high efficiency which is not unattainable by dry digging. These operations allow reducing the work expenses.

"MTA Company» has been performing works on building of iron, automobile and intratrade roads, and also on the silting of platforms for housing construction and for drilling of wells on oil and gas deposits for 20 years. These works are performed under difficult engineering, geological and climate conditions, in taiga and marshland where the use of another (dry digging) techniques is complicated. Because of great watering of the territories of the Western-Siberian lowland the dredging became the most effective way of ground extraction. Dredgers developing the watering sandpits on the depth from 20 to 25 metres, provide conditions of the reduction of the alienated territories and, hence, minimally break its landscape. Besides, the dredging technology and the ground silting by dredgers provide the improvement of quality of the extracted sand for the account of washing of the oozy and clay parts from the initial material of sandpits that promotes the improvement of the erected constructions quality.

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