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Production capacities

Material and technical base of JSC Company MTA "combines the head office and three basis with equipped workshops, where their own bulldozer repair shops and road machinery repair shops, electrical equipment repair shops, turnery, milling and welding shops can be found. The company MTA has been increasing its production capacities in Surgut Khanty-Mansiysk, Nyagan and Perm.

As of January 2010, JSC "Company MTA" contains a park of a dredger of 51 different power and purpose (electric and diesel capacity from 100 thousand to two million of cubic meters in a season, with ejector plants and mills).

The company also owns its own vehicle fleet, special bulldozer equipment and crane sector. The mooring is equipped and the river fleet of some tens of barges and self-propelled fleet is formed. In order to achieve operational control there is its own aviation (aircraft Corvett; Helicopter Robinson R44) and the mobile river office (motoship "Yugoria").

The Company MTA has 5 power trains and power plants of various capacities. In the years 2007-2009 5 diesel-electric stations AL-1675 KW 6 KW of container implementation were purchased. Previously inaccessible objects of silting are being developed with the help of data of power plants. Power plants have light weight, it contributes to their prompt delivery to virtually any area as water and land transport as well.

Electromechanical section for repair and modernization of electrical dredges is located in a heated room, so it allows to do the work year-round. There are also a stationary licensed electro technical laboratory of high-voltage tests and a mobile all-terrain vehicle KAMAZ-based laboratory in the Company.

The company constantly upgrades dredgers. In particular, groundwater pumps are changed to a much higher- pressure ones, it allows to increase the distance of the soil supply, height of soil stowage on 6-7 meters, and thus reduce the size of the area under the stack of 10 per cent. Using of high-pressure dredges (Grut 2000/63, 2650/75, 3000/72, 3800/60) allows to pan out stacks closer to existing roads, making the soil more available for further transportation. Due to high altitude (18-20 meters) stacks are quickly drained, that provides a "dry ground" - a very important result in the severe conditions of the Far North.

Availability of own technical means

Name, BrandTotal
1 Electric and diesel dredgers of different power (180-60,350-50, 350-50D, Beaver 1600, Beaver 1200, 600 Beaver, Beaver 300, BC-200, BF-27, C-42) 51
2 Bulldozers 107
3 Pipelayers 53
4 Excavators 11
5 Auxiliary equipment (snowmobiles, snow-marsh buggies) 19
6 Self-propelled fleet (passenger ships, tugs, technical ships, traveling vessels, dry cargo ships)30
7 Oil barges and shipping barges 24
8 Passengers landing stages, floathostels, guard ships 11
9 Autonomous energy complexes 1,2 mW 4
10 Passenger motor transport37
11 Heavy Trucks 33
12 Trailers 24
14 Aviation (, ) (airplane, helicopter) 2

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