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The corporate management

The joint-stock company "MTA Company» is a dynamically developing company with the matrix management structure.

The MTA Company follows the best practice and the corporate management standards and considers the corporate management as a necessary condition of efficiency and financial and economic success, the increase of the investment appeal of the company and its affiliated societies.

Following the transparency principle the MTA Company reveals the additional information on the activity which can be essential to the interested people and the public, except for the information which is the state or trade secret.

For the information disclosure the MTA Company uses the ways which are the most convenient for addressees. The greatest possible amount of the information is placed on a corporate website. The MTA Company discloses the information with the help of news agencies and other mass media. Every important event or company’s deed is accompanied by the press release.

The MTA Company gives the great value to the timely prevention and fair settlement of corporate conflicts by means of the prevention of corporate conflicts at early stages of their occurrence. The MTA Company aspires to resolve corporate conflicts on the basis of negotiations and mutual compromises of participants taking into account their legal interests.

The MTA Company pays great attention to the ecology problems. The work of the nature protection divisions promotes the stable decrease in technogenic influence on the environment.

The MTA Company realizes the corporate strategy of the high social responsibility. The system of the workers social support is realized in the Company as the major factor of the overall performances growth.

The MTA Company provides the charitable help to the citizens, public, religious and other organizations. The charities are socially focused on the further strengthening of the Companys image.

The intensive development of the Companys corporate structure directed on the realization of the structural transformations programme, leads to the formation of the vertically integrated holding in the branch of dredging works.

The policy of the corporate governance of the affiliated societies includes such basic directions as:

  • The formation and the control of the realization of the affiliated societies development strategy;
  • The planning and the control of financial results of the affiliated societies activity, including the definition of directions and control of the profit distribution;
  • The control of the affiliated societies financial and economic activity, including the fulfillment of deals with the actives;
  • The incessant increase of the internal processes efficiency of the affiliated societies in the business management sphere;
  • The formation and realization of the personnel selection in the affiliated societies.

The MTA Company performs the firm work consisting in the consecutive introduction of the corporate governance principles reflected in the Russian Code of corporate behaviour, and also in the international standards and corporate governance regulations.

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