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The branch associations and unions

The MTA Company is one of the founders and a member of the Board of the Builders Union of Ugra, SRO UgraStroy, SRO UgraStroyProject; and also is a member of the uncommercial partnership OIZR and StroyAlliance .

The Builders union of Ugra is a noncommercial organization created on the initiative of the leading building companies of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and two Associations which are the Associations of the building organizations of Surgut and the Surgut area and the Western-Siberian Association of builders of Nizhnevartovsk.

The Builders union of Ugra is a noncommercial organization combining the enterprises of the building industry, representing and protecting their interests in mutual relations with the third parties.

The head of the Builders union of Ugra is the Governor, the Chairman of the Government of autonomous region Alexander Vasilevich Filipenko, the chairman of the Board is the President of the Commercial and industrial chamber of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area Alexander Ivanovich Kobanov, the chief executive is Valery Borisovich Fomagin.

There are 199 organizations and enterprises and two Associations united in the Builders Union of Ugra which perform all kinds of design, building, special works, financial leasing, provide the delivery of objects "on a turnkey basis". They build and reconstruct different types of apartment houses, hotels, roads, bridges, other buildings and constructions which have cultural, community and industrial functions. The Union also includes the manufacturers and suppliers of various building materials and constructions.

The main directions of the Unions activity:

  • The consolidation of the enterprises and organizations of the building branch in Ugra;
  • The participation in working out the bills and other statutory acts directed on the creation of optimal conditions of the building sector development in Russia;
  • The popularization of the builder occupation, personnel selection, interaction with the educational institutions;
  • The questions of pricing in building and investments;
  • The participation in various district social and economic programmes in the sphere of building and the building industry;
  • The analytical researches and informing of the Unions members about the condition and development of the investments and building sphere;
  • The development of the inter-regional cooperation in the sphere of building and adjoining branches.

According to the official website of the Builders Union of Ugra

According to the article 148 and the article 315 of the federal lawthe MTA Company has received the admissions on the researches, designing and building in SRO* UgraStroy, OIZR, StroyAlliance.

*The self-regulating organizations are the non-state noncommercial organizations created with a view of self-regulation on the terms of participation (membership), joining on a voluntary basis of the enterprise activity subjects on the basis of the branch unity or the goods market (works, services) or uniting subjects of one kind of the professional work. The self-regulating organizations (SRO) in Russia are created in the organizational-legal form of the noncommercial partnership uniting the subjects of the professional or enterprise activity on the basis of membership according to a branch sign.

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