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Business strategy

MTA Company is one of the major participants of the Russian dredging, capable to make the considerable contribution into the maintenance of building requirements in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Specificity of the company consists in the particular specialization on a full cycle of the dredging operations: the research of the open-cast mines, designing and coordination, silting operations and recultivation of the open-cast mines.

MTA Company sees its mission in the assistance to the building service market development according to the world standards, by increasing the intellectual and industrial potential of the company, by the complex engineering approach to the realization of the large infrastructural projects and meeting all the requirements of the customer.

The strategic target is the establishment of the Joint-Stock Company "MTA Company" as an absolute leader in the sphere of the dredging operations of the Russian Federation, by means of geographical diversification, the adoption of the latest technologies of the open-cast mines developing and securing of the reliability of the ground deliveries.

The basic directions of MTA Company’s strategy are:

Strengthening of the companys positions as a general contractor for the basic customers by forming of the long-term mutual relations in the limits of the general contractors agreements for a term from 3 years.

Leading positions in the self-regulating organizations, allowing to establish the qualifying and qualitative characteristics for the building companies, and also the precise rules of entering and working in the market.

Geographical diversification activity. Strengthening of the Companys competitive positions by means of the active policy of merging and takeover of the industrial enterprises in the sphere of silting works.

Reduction of the expense level. Applying modern technologies and developing methods, the Company aspires to take in the leading positions in the sphere of the low-level expenses.

Production level increase by the modernization of the existing dredger park with the adoption of the new technologies.

Efficiency increase in all the links of the industrial chain from open-cast mines developing to the ground sale and engineering constructions delivery.

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