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The companys structure

The group of the MTA companies is the important shareholder of the open company Transhydromechanization which unites all companies of this branch.

The group of the MTA companies keeps partner relations with Tsimljansky ship and mechanical factory the main manufacturer of dredgers, all types of spare parts and peripherals. The scientific researches of the MTA Companys employees are the basis of the projects on the dredgers modernization.

The group of the MTA companies includes a personnel agency, a design bureau, 3 industrial companies and a service company.

The personnel agency "Rhythm" performs works on the selection, preparation, certification and trainings for a new profession of all kinds of experts involved in a silting process.

The MTA-PROJECT performs the whole complex of works on the research and disposal of sandpits, and also the coordination of the allowing documentation.

The industrial companies STGM, Severneftestroy and Ugraspezstroy carry out the preparation of the manufacture objects for work, the ground silting and recultivation of the broken grounds.

MTA-SERVICE performs the management of the real estate, operating repair and modernization of technical means and vehicles.

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