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MTA Company today

The joint-stock company "MTA Company", being one of the largest Russian dredging companies, is included into the rating of 150 leading building organizations of our country. The rank of the Elite of the Russian building complex is being given to the MTA Company for several years running.

The main directions are:

  • The research of the sandpits;
  • Designing and coordination;
  • Performing of the dredging operations;
  • open-cast mines recultivation.

The joint-stock company "MTA Company" is a 100% private company.

The mission and the strategic target

MTA Company sees its mission in the assistance to the building service market development according to the world standards, by increasing the intellectual and industrial potential of the company, by the complex engineering approach to the realization of the large infrastructural projects and meeting all the requirements of the customer.

The strategic target is the establishment of the Joint-Stock Company "MTA Company" as an absolute leader in the sphere of the dredging operations of the Russian Federation, by means of geographical diversification, the adoption of the latest technologies of the sandbits developing and securing of the reliability of the ground deliveries.

The reliable partner

The MTA Company today is equals to 20 years of successful work on the building market under the extreme climate conditions of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, strong material and resource basis, the heritage of 70-year experience of “Transhydromechanization” company, the leading in the district self-adjustable organizations, a more than 60% share of the regular partners in the order portfolio.

Geographical diversification

The priority directions of the MTA Company are the performance of the dredging works in the territory of the Tyumen area, and also in the south and in the west of the Russian Federation.

The MTA Company implements the geographical diversification in Russia as well as abroad. In 1992 the Company entered the international market of the dredging works and successfully realized the project in East Yemen. One of the important strategic problems today is entering the market of Nigeria in 2011.

The MTA Company entering the international market of the dredging works gives a powerful impulse to the development of the new technologies of sandpits working out and silting the of engineering constructions under different geographical and climate conditions.

The environment and social responsibility

The preservation of the environment and the maintenance of the ecological safety in places of industrial activity, the decrease in emissions of polluting substances, the industrial and ecological safety by developing the new sandpits are the priorities of Company MTA in the sphere of the environment preservation. The sum of company’s expenses on the environment preservation has become 5 times greater by 2010.*

The MTA Companys policy on socially focused projects support in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area is active throughout 20 years of companys existence.

The improvement of the management structure

The MTA Company improves the corporate management structure. As a result, the organizational structure of the joint-stock company «MTA Company» has undergone considerable changes and shifted towards the organic "matrix" structure. The affiliated societies on dredging works performance in various territories are created today.

*in comparison with 2008.

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