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The increase in ecological safety of the manufacture and decrease in the technogenic load on the environment are the most important strategic problems for the MTA Company.

The dredging, being one of the most progressive ways of excavations, gives the least emissions of poisonous substances into the atmosphere, reduces the scale of soil destruction, does not pollute water, averts the exhaustion of water bodies, reduces the deforestation scale (in comparison with dry digging method).

According to the law About preservation of the environment, Transhydromechanization has devised The rules of designing and performing of the dredging operations in transport building, co-ordinated with the Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. These rules in particular reflect the protection of the environment and the order of the ecological monitoring: processes of mining, hydraulic transportation and ground stacking by dredging. The MTA Company follows these regulations within the ecological policy.

The standards of the maximum permissible emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere as well as the standards of the waste generation and the limits on their pollution are devised in the MTA Company. The Company has received the permission for the emission of polluting substances into the atmosphere (The Management on technological and ecological supervision of the Russian Federation in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, 21.02.2008). According to the schedule, the accredited organisations make tests on the gassed emissions from the stationary sources.

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