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Social responsibility

Social and charitable programmes are the important components of the Company’s corporate strategy which help to cooperate with the state, business circles and society. The corporate programmes are the ones of the selective type and based on the professional experience as well as on the human potential. Thus the clear understanding of the fact that the charities should not cause the social dependence has been developed within the Company.

The MTA Company builds its activity according to two strategic directions:

  • Intracorporate social policy;
  • Social investments;
  • Programmes of sponsorship and traditional charity.

The employees are the potential basis of the MTA Company. At present the number of company workers the company makes about 1300 people.

In social problem solving within the limits of the intermediate term strategy of Companys development are registered the following:

  • Incessant improvement of the recompense system by the improvement and expansion of the workers social security package;
  • Upgrading the key employees professional skill level for more effective discharge of their duties in the interaction with other employees;
  • Maintenance of the Companys staff in the conditions of the modern market relations;
  • Approaching of the working staff to the management for effective problem solving;
  • Involvement of the personnel from the regions and the CIS countries with the high level of unemployment;
  • Development of the corporate culture;
  • Improvement of the work and accommodation conditions.

The important values of the MTA Company in the sphere of personnel selection are:

  • Devotion to the companys purposes;
  • Competence;
  • Cost saving.

The personnel agency is created in the MTA Company For the more efficient control of the working staff. It is the personnel agency where all the working staff involved in a production cycle is concentrated. The purpose of the personnel agency is the search, selection, training and placing of the personnel provided with all the necessary overalls at the industrial companies disposal. These measures allow providing the maximum flexibility in the movement of human resources within the group of companies.

The considerable improvement of the workers life on the companys facilities has been observed lately. In particular, new cars and dining cars are purchased, the replacement of the working tools is made, and the overalls are updated according to the standards. The permanently active council of foremen exists under the general manager of the MTA Company and any question can be brought up on the agenda.

The MTA Company develops the programme of the improvement of the personnels living conditions. The medical aid is provided for the workers according to the health service contract. Besides, the Company provides the pecuniary aid, treatment vouchers for children and free New Year's gifts.

The Companys personnel selection is aimed at the increasing attention to the human potential according to the modern social and economic conditions. The MTA Company collaborates with the Russian institutes of higher education, involving the young technical experts (with the following employment). They are provided with the lodging at the expense of the Company, and also the conditions for effective work are created for them. Besides, the strategy of the personnels development consists in the increase of their professional skill level. The training is held at their own expense in colleges of Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk with the following employment at the enterprise. The MTA Company supports the Ural State University of mines and the Moscow State University of mines. With a view to improving and optimizing the management system the key staff is sent to the training to the Ural-Siberian Institute of Business ( course).

The MTA Company is the major tax bearer in Surgut and makes the substantial contribution into building of kindergartens, schools and public health establishments.

The MTA Company acts as the general sponsor of various scientific programmes and researches. It implements the significant social programme, supporting the front-line soldiers and pensioners (the Fund of the Veterans of Dredging exists under the Company). The Company takes part in building of churches and financing of cultural events on a district scale.

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